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The Role

The University is looking for a new Deputy Vice Chancellor who will be responsible for the Student Journey to provide strategic leadership for the whole of the student life-cycle.

About Muscat

Muscat University has established a strong reputation locally for quality provision with state-of-the-art facilities and a high-quality student experience.

Working For Us

Benefits will include free housing, medical insurance, annual return flights for postholder and eligible family members to country of origin, and education allowances for eligible children.


SearchHigher has been exclusively retained by Muscat University as the executive search firm for this appointment and welcome your application and enquiries.
Closing date for all applications:
3rd January 2019

The Role

Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Student Journey

Job purpose

To act as a deputy to the Vice-Chancellor and to contribute to the overall strategic development of the University, with a particular strategic focus on enhancing the overall student life-cycle.

Principal duties and responsibilities

The main role of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Student Journey is to oversee the entire student life-cycle from initial marketing efforts, recruitment, registration, enrolment, progression, graduation and alumni engagement. The post holder must ensure seamless interaction, efficient operation and effective communication between the three Directorates of Marketing & Corporate Communication, Student Recruitment and Registry and Student Admissions.

Responsibilities include:

  • Supporting the Vice-Chancellor in establishing a reputation for excellence at Muscat University; advising the Vice-Chancellor on matters relating to the operations, administration, and finances of the University;
  • Ensuring that the relationship between the University's Senior Management Team and the Directors and Heads of administrative and support departments and centres is productive, open and mutually trusting;
  • Working with the Vice-Chancellor and other members of the senior leadership team to develop, enhance and deliver an excellent student experience;
  • Working with the Vice-Chancellor and other colleagues to achieve the objectives set out in the University strategic plan;
  • Leading on the ongoing refinement of the University's marketing, recruitment and admissions policies for approval by the Vice-Chancellor and the Senior Management Team, enabling the University to enhance its profile and reputation for excellence;
  • Utilising University budgets to achieve the best possible results for the student experience;
  • Enhancing employability throughout the student experience ensuring students become professional, sought after graduates;
  • Ensuring students grow and develop while studying with the University to become well rounded citizens able to contribute as future world leaders in society;
  • Developing plans to engage alumni to become effective ambassadors for the University and facilitating ways for them to contribute to University life;
  • Developing short-term and long-range plans and budgets based upon the University's strategic objectives for approval by the Vice-Chancellor; Senior Leadership Team and Board of Directors;
  • Regularly reviewing the University's marketing, recruitment and admissions procedures and suggesting ways for improvement to ensure strategic objectives are met;
  • Working closely with University academic partners to strengthen the academic partnerships and ensure they are fully leveraged;
  • Directing the development and implementation of policies and procedures to promote communication and adequate information flow within the University;
  • Ensuring that all University activities and operations are performed in compliance with all Oman's regulations and laws governing private university operations;
  • Being an effective ambassador for the University locally, regionally and internationally among senior leaders in both the public and private sectors;
  • Providing clear and collaborative leadership through example, inspiring the University to success through the successful application of its mission, vision and values in all its activities;
  • Maintaining and strengthening the University's relationships with key strategic partners, including Government Agencies, international partners, and the local community including other academic institutions, leading businesses and other key organisations;
  • Ensuring that the University makes appropriate and effective use of digital technology to enable students, faculty and staff to enjoy the benefits of a 21st century learning environment;
  • Promoting an innovative culture within the University and thereby enhancing the student experience;
  • Supporting the University when necessary, to connect to the business and industry ecosystem in Oman, regionally and internationally.

Person Specification

  • A clear track record of complete personal and professional integrity and of a commitment to equality and diversity at all levels;
  • A proven track record of excellence in collaborative leadership and management at a senior level and a keen awareness of the relationship of leadership and management to governance;
  • Direct experience and proven understanding of strategic planning, the management of staff, and of significant financial and other resources;
  • A deep appreciation of the value that meaningful student engagement brings to University life and a track record of working with students to deliver successful outcomes for students;
  • An understanding and appreciation of the student lifecycle model and how to use it to analyse and develop appropriate interventions to ensure student and graduate success;
  • An understanding of the nuances of student diversity and a proven ability to deal with students from varying backgrounds and cultures;
  • Strong leadership qualities and credibility, with the ability to maintain the respect and confidence of multiple stakeholders including faculty, staff and students;
  • High-level strategic thinking, problem-solving and entrepreneurial skills;
  • Excellent ambassadorial skills enabling the building and maintaining of strong and productive relationships with external partners including senior members of international affiliate institutions and of major public and private sector organisations;
  • An excellent knowledge and understanding of international higher education policies, practices and norms and a commitment to internationalisation;
  • Experience of working in the Middle East and/or experience of working closely with partners from the Middle East region;
  • Experience of shaping a vision, mission and implementation plan for a new institution or unit within an institution and successfully delivering against strategic objectives;
  • Understanding of and a commitment to the delivery of a very high-quality student experience both inside and outside the classroom and to the achievement of high levels of graduate employability;
  • Understanding of and a commitment to the University's aim to create and develop a high quality research agenda;
  • The ability to support the Vice-Chancellor in attracting, recruiting and retaining high quality faculty and staff to the University;
  • Excellent communication, presentation, negotiation, influencing and networking skills and a proven ability to engage and influence at a high level with multiple constituencies;
  • A strong belief in and commitment to the mission, vision, and values of Muscat University.

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Background to Muscat University

The concept of a new, high quality, private university in Muscat was approved by Oman’s Education Council within the framework of Government efforts to develop human resources in Oman in cooperation with leaders in both the public and private sectors.

Since November 2013, Oxford University Innovation, the technology transfer company of the University of Oxford, has been working as lead consultant for the project, which has financial backing from a large group of prominent figures in Oman and is also supported by the Omani Government. The Oxford University Innovation team is collaborating with experts from within the University of Oxford and from around the world to design and establish the University.

Muscat University aims to be innovative and entrepreneurial with close connections to the business communities of Oman and the wider region. Its programmes will combine academic rigour with relevance to the world of work. The first intake of students for pathway programmes is planned for September 2016, with the first intake of degree programme students in September 2017. Oxford University Innovation will continue to provide support over the following year in the form of management mentoring, workshops and metric tracking.


The mission of Muscat University is to transform individuals and communities through teaching, research, and third-stream activities that are excellent, rigorous and relevant. Muscat University will achieve success through:

  • innovative, entrepreneurial and ethical approaches to its structure and to all itsactivities;
  • scholarship that embraces collaboration and community engagement;
  • a learning environment that is supportive, creative and fulfilling; and
  • an inclusive culture of global citizenship.


Muscat University’s vision is to create a higher education environment in Oman for both Omani and international students that is conducive to producing cadres of future leaders in both the public and private sectors. These leaders will be capable of operating internationally and will reflect the core values of the University:

  • A strong commitment to ethics: this is central and critical to our long-term success asa University. Every University student, staff and faculty member must hold themselves to the highest ethical standards, and the University will not accept orallow anything less.
  • Full compliance with all laws and regulations of Oman and of any other country in which students, staff or faculty are active.
  • A learning environment that is positive, creative and rewarding, promoting individual expression, entrepreneurship, innovation and achievement. Students, staff and faculty are offered opportunities to grow personally and professionally and all are treated with respect and dignity.
  • All processes and decisions in recruiting, developing and promoting students, staff and faculty made without regard to gender, race, colour, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, religion, age, physical or mental disability, medical condition, or marital status.
  • Responsible business practices and social investments to create long-term sustainable value in helping transform societies and communities, in conserving limited resources, and in protecting the environment.
  • An environment that encourages and enables innovation and entrepreneurship formsthe core of the University’s structure and activities.

Guiding Principles

  1. Muscat University will be an innovative and entrepreneurial university.
  2. Muscat University must demonstrate to the nation of Oman and to the wider regionaland global community that the education it offers is appropriate and effective.
  3. Muscat University recognizes that the skills required to be effective in the workforceof the 21st century are substantially different from those of earlier times.
  4. Muscat University will ensure that technological innovation is built into the fabric ofthe University so that it is able to adapt swiftly and effectively to the ever more rapidlychanging context of higher education.
  5. Muscat University will seek to position itself as an institution that has internationalrelevance as well as local and regional relevance.
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Application process

SearchHigher has been exclusively retained by Muscat University as the executive search firm for this appointment.
Apply for this role below by email, please provide a CV and supporting statement:

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Closing date for all applications: Midnight on 3rd January 2019