We’re a world-leading university with the highest academic and research standards. But we’re not letting the story end there.

The University of Warwick is a top 100 global research university. It commands an outstanding reputation for its dynamic and enterprising approach. It is solving some of the world’s biggest and most complex challenges and seeks to offer an outstanding student experience.

Warwick’s success has been built on its exceptional teaching and research standards but with a unique DNA. Warwick consistently seeks to redefine the focus of a leading university through innovation, industry collaboration, and through tirelessly forging influential partnerships across disciplines and across continents.

Warwick’s rapid upward trajectory is based on a dynamic and forward-thinking culture that sees the University act as both a catalyst and a partner for regional, national and international development and sustainability. The University’s early success was pivotal to the development of a new breed of global research universities and it continues to drive ambition to reach unprecedented heights of attainment, influence and recognition


All of this contributes to a compelling story, one that’s little more than 50 years old. But who said youth should hold you back from changing the world?

So what does the future hold?
Our current strategy lays out the following goals:

  • To enable our students to succeed: provide a life-changing education, an outstanding student experience, a global perspective

  • Deliver world-class research: excellence in all disciplines, leader in interdisciplinary research

  • Secure our global position: optimise the scale, scope and reach of all of our activities

  • Engage our communities: value our staff and students, and encourage them to contribute and achieve their potential

  • Champion social, cultural and economic growth: a catalyst and partner for regional, national and international development and sustainability

  • Secure our future sustainability: create the resources to reinvest in the University’s long term success